Adrian Gheorghe

I specialize in developing web applications and have over 8 years experience working with the LAMP stack. My main language of choice is PHP although I also have experience with writing Python, GO, Javascript, Bash. I have a passion for automation and using the right tool for the right job. Very keen on learning new technologies.


CarePlanner Ltd

Senior Backend Developer May 2019 - Present - Bristol, UK and Remote

Care Planner is a rapidly growing SAAS provider in the social care sector based in Bristol, UK. I have been working on developing new features and porting existing ones into a a Symfony 4 API based SAAS. The application has a microservice architecture.

Technologies used:

  • Symfony 4 Rest APIS
  • GraphQL API using AWS AppSync
  • Microservice architecture using AWS services: Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, AppSync
  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Behat

Halo Media Communications Ltd

Developer October 2018 - May 2019 - Bristol, UK

Responsible with developing a multitude of Drupal 8 / 7 websites, working on Development environments using Docker and Deployment Workflows.

Technology stack used:

  • Platforms: Drupal 8, Drupal 7, CraftCms
  • Virtualization: Docker
  • Deployment: CI/CD using, Springloops
  • Cloud: Acquia Cloud


Developer/Founder June 2018 - Present

Personal SaaS platform for creating and hosting free Dockerized web instances of Magento 2, Drupal 8, WordPress on any version required. Platform is build on top of a headless Symfony 4 API, consumed by a React frontend. Instances are built by integrating with the Jenkins API.

One of the things I am proud of achieving with this project is that every feature is automated, follows a ci/cd workflow.

Optaros by MRM//McCann

Senior Backend / Magento 2 Developer / Technical Lead February 2018 - August 2018 - Bucharest

I was responsible with delivering country specific market rollouts for an enterprise level Magento 2 Enterprise multisite scalable platform. Following a continuous delivery and integration workflow, I had to find and implement the best technical solutions for the project. My responsibilities also included leading the project developer team, choosing implementation strategies, reviewing and deploying code.

A big challenge was handling market based data migration from the legacy systems into the newly launched market.

Technologies used:

  • Stack: Magento 2 Enterprise, MuleSoft ESB, Redis, RabbitMQ, MySQL
  • Deployment: Jenkins
  • Virtualization and Provisioning: Docker, Ansible, Vagrant
  • Cloud: AWS

Optaros by MRM//McCann

Magento 2 / PHP Developer March 2017 - February 2018 - Bucharest

I was part of the development team for the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and feature enhancement of a enterprise multisite. This project spanned multiple markets and involved feature migration, integartions with legacy apis, asynchronous processing using queues and multiple other challenges.

One of my responsibilities was implementing Magento Rest APIs and the corresponding MuleESB endpoints that would handle data flowing between Magento and the legacy systems.

Kubis Interactive

Senior Developer / Technical Lead - Houston development team February 2014 - March 2017 - Bucharest

Streamlining web development within the team and shortening the dev time of an application using internally developed solutions. Building a Docker container based development and deployment environment. Integrating Payment gateways, external services APIs and Ecommerce solutions.

Infinit Solutions Agency

Full Stack Web Developer June 2012 - February 2014 - Bucharest

I was responsible with implementing multiple content oriented websites for clients in various industries. The largest scale projects I was tasked to implement was a Drupal 7 multilanguage multi website platform for a large international oil company. Technologies used were Drupal 7 / WordPress / CodeIgniter, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS

C3 Dimension

Developer 2008 - 2011 - Bucharest

I was tasked with implementing several iterations of a blogging hosting and social network platform that integrated user generated content as well as parsed thousands of blogs every day and published them in a online publication. Technologies used were WordPress / Social Engine / Zend Framework, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS


Politehnica University Bucharest – Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS)

2004 - 2009 - Bucharest

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Diploma: Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering