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Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been paying quite a bit of money on hosting. Well not really a lot, but I thought I could do with optimising what servers I was using and how. So I thought I could start by moving some projects to free services. The first one that came to mind was my static website/ online cv. This I thought would make a great candidate for Github pages hosting.

The process was a lot easier than I thought, and even if it doesn’t mean much, if I manage to move another 2 small WordPress sites, I will be able to discontinue a server I’d been paying for, which is something. There are tons of other posts on this and I’m about 3 years late to the party, but here are the steps I followed:

  • Move the code to a Github repository named your
  • Add CNAME file to your repo containing your custom domain
  • Add the following A record ips to your DNS
  • Add the following CNAME dns record —
  • Enable https from your repository settings, under Github Pages, Enforce HTTPS.

Extra information available here: